Brand Design, UX Design, Visual Design



WaterWatch, a non-profit focused on protecting water flow and natural habitats in Oregon, needed an updated look and better organization for their outdated website. They needed a place for people to learn about their organization and inspire those same people to get involved.


I worked closely with stakeholders at WaterWatch to lead the UX and visual design effort for the project. I also created a framework for their website using a customizable Wordpress plugin.



WaterWatch needed a site that felt organized, intuitive and in some cases, urgent, so that supporters can visit areas that are of every day importance to them. Helping WaterWatch focus on categorization that is relevant to different groups of supporters, meant looking at all of their content and creating an updated structure. Creating a sense of urgency was it’s own unique challenge.


I interviewed WaterWatch stakeholders to understand the emotions and concepts they wanted to communicate through their updated brand. I reviewed many of their publications and their old site to become familiar with their content and message. Through an iterative design process I created an updated logo mark and visual style for their brand, and I created a sitemap and template wireframes to base the development of their new site on, including a customizable widget for urgent events and needs, and several areas on the site with a call to donate or join the effort.